Everybody wants to feel good, everybody wants instant gratification and in the search for that we numb the real feelings we could experience.
There is so much self importance and an insatiable need to put ourselves out there for the “world” to see us.
The truth is we are not that important, and we are not here just for validation. There’s this idea being promoted of self love and acceptance, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about liking ourselves. But what I have seen more and more is this self absorbance we are living in. Kind of programmed for this need to be liked. We need to break free from these lies we’ve been told and we need to rebel against this form of control. I want a society in which people are more critical of themselves. Not obsessed over material positions, about what to buy next. Not obsessed about looks or about having that “perfect life” others seem to have. I want individuals to question more, not question others or themselves on social media just by the fake idea of perfection that is being sold there. but, really question if their values are not twisted, if their morals are not corrupted, or if their beliefs are not contradictory. Few people go that deep these days. Imagine if we all spent more time reflecting on the way we affect others and the planet with our actions and if we all cared more about each other instead of Being in front of a screen and being connected all the fucking time. If we all presented our selves with honesty, with truth and integrity instead of trying to fit in this imaginary, inflated idea of ourselves that we waste our time trying to create. I am sick of these sick society  and I want to stop trying to be part of it. I want to be unapologetically myself even if I am not liked by many. I want to speak the truth even if people think I’m crazy.

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